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Package Devices provides top-quality filling, packaging & inspection solutions for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and related producers. We help manufacturers understand and sort through the wide range of machinery technologies available, implementing solutions to provide strategic advantages for today’s competitive environment. PD provides ongoing support ensuring smooth installation and start-up, typically with after-sales service from local experienced technicians. Rather than you hunting down solutions, we can share insights on a wide array of technologies as a convenient single source to bounce ideas around with. Companies, technologies & solutions you don’t want to miss!

We support at no cost to you, the least expensive way for machinery manufacturers to establish a trained, professional reliable network across the area. With us, you are working DIRECTLY with the equipment manufacturers for the best pricing and support. A stable resource since 1970, immersed in this field for decades and visiting most factories around, we know what works, who is good and offer unique insights to up & coming, quality companies and technologies beyond basic trade advertisements.

We typically represent top world leaders in any given category from start to finish of a production line. This allows Package Devices to offer a full range of targeted applications, with strong value and support. Our lines tend to be a bit more cutting edge and better value than you’ll find elsewhere often with unique technical innovations. Details make a difference and we hope we can provide helpful ideas you may not otherwise consider!

“One of the reasons I have built a successful career is because I align myself with the best in the business and Mike Bruhns and Package Devices are at the top of my “bests” list. Mike has been invaluable in helping me put together successful capital projects that have resulted in a significant decrease in labor costs and significant increases in productivity and efficiency. When I need to find a specific piece of equipment to complete my projects on time and on budget, I always turn to Mike.”

Michael Fougere
VP Operations, Watson Pharmaceuticals

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(Left to Right) Sonny Sethi, Mike Bruhns, Mike Kicherer, Aaron Arnold and Lee Smith (not pictured)

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