Pharmaceutical, Health & Cosmetic

Aesus Servo Shrink Sleever, Capper, Labeler, Fillers, Lines – positive servo designs, famous no skew Labelers, dominant patented HYBRID Steam-Heat tunnel, inline & chuck cappers.  Benchtop to Integrated lines. Eco to 400+ ppm.
ABox Automation Desiccant Pouch & KNIFE CUT cotton feeders.  Tiny, inexpensive, proven, simple. No mis-cuts. No proprietary material required. Pouch contracts available.  
All Fill– Auger, Cup, Scale, Piston Fillers, Lines – 45 yr family owned industry leader. Economical integrated bagger! Inline & Rotary systems. Combos! ONLY US company to build bagger, auger, tooling, CW w/Feedback under one roof!  
Anritsu – Inspection leader over 130,000 installs. Local service, Chicago Hdqtrs. Compact! Top performance!    X-ray– easily outperforms all others, dominant industry leader. Easy, reliable! Slip off belt!              Metal Detector– unique DUAL frequency standard design.    Checkweighers– 50 yrs, easy, rugged, amazing performance (eg: 20 mg on pouches). Amazing MD-CW COMBO! Capsule Checkweighers. X-ray Bone best detection, product in seal, pipeline, etc.  
ASTRRA Automatic Line Changeover Adjust. Affordable, simple, robust, wireless technology, no air! Linear rails & Rotary machine cranks. 0.2 mm repeatable. Patented ! Change all your conveyor and machines over at the touch of a button!  


Flexible Pouch/Wrap specialists.

Campbell – 65+ yrs US Built leader in Flow Wrappers and Infeeds. Hand load to 1200 ppm systems. Unique infeeds, washdown, pharma hermetic, LOCAL tech.

EffytecHoriz Form-Fill-Seal Pouchers. Doypacks. Smaller, Faster, Lower Maint, Better Value. Unique designs prevent leakers! Modular, change from premade-FFS-zip-top-corner spouts!
JunaPack– Premade Pouch fill-seal system. Next generation advanced features, great price, LOCAL service!


Dorner Conveyors – washdown & low profile, modular, flat belt & cleated, V-belt, quick release, Quick delivery! 10 year warranty!
Douglas MachineCasers, Tray/Shrink, Cartoners, Sleevers, North America’s premier leader! All Servo, from tiny Invex to 150 cpm systems designed for 3 shift! 3 yr warranty, local service, washdown,UL YouTube
MHI Japanese Thermoformers from Pharma Leader! Clean compact designs for quick change.
PallayPack – Affordable quality leaders. Tubers, Unscramblers, Aseptic lines, Fillers, Counters, Cappers (pumps!), Bundlers, Tubers, Stick Packs, Cartoners and more! Rota aseptic monoblock lines 20-400 vpm. Wash, sterilize, fill, label, Inspect. 100 yr German leader. 100% weight check at full speed.  PPS – Tablet & Capsule Channel Counters – Benchtop through 180/min PER unit! Fastest & best value on market now with vision! Top Euro features. Shaped liquid blister & suppository systems. Caustics. Super clean OMAG servo stick pack systems, 2-15 lane, individual servo augers, integrated lines  
End of Line Palletizers– full range of industry leading High & Low Level and Robotic. Entry Level to High Speeds. Stretchwrappers – from floor models to film saving RING wrappers!
Bandall Plan Automation – BANDALL  Stretch Banders. High graphics with tamper evidence! Compact, no tunnel, simple, low cost, flexible “green” solution!
ShawPack  compact vertical Thermoformer. HPK Vision inspection, pharma specials.  YouTube
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Package inspection for Leakers, Fill Level, labels, caps, bands, cases, etc. X-ray, Vision, Vacuum, LN2 dosing & Pressure. YouTube
 scott-turbon Scott Turbon Mixer- lab to full plant blending. High Shear, turbo, vacuum, etc. SoCal Factory!

Leak Inspection, Vacuum, Contaminant, Vision inspec. Inline & lab. Non Destructive. Vials, Pouch
UBSCase, Shrink and Pallet Print & Apply Labelers and High Resolution Coders. No solvents or wax. Barcode & logo printing. Low cost of ownership, low maintenance, higher resolution. ERP, data ready, wireless networking. Great CA based company! Top end P/A pallet labelers offer remote closed loop with verification.