Food, Household, Industrial Products

AesusShrink Sleevers, Cappers, Herma Labelers, Fillers, Lines – positive servo designs, famous no skew Labelers, dominant patented HYBRID Steam-Heat tunnel, inline & chuck cappers.  Benchtop to Integrated lines. Eco to 400+ ppm.
All FillAuger, Cup, Scale, Piston Fillers, VFFS Bagger, Lines – 45 yr family owned industry leader. Economical integrated bagger! Inline & Rotary systems. Combos! ONLY US company to build bagger, auger, tooling, CW w/Feedback under one roof!
Anritsu  Inspection leader over 130,000 installs. Local service, Chicago Hdqtrs. Compact! Top performance!    X-ray– easily outperforms all others, dominant industry leader. Easy, reliable! Slip off belt! NEW generation!             Metal Detector– unique DUAL frequency standard design.    Checkweighers– 50 yrs, easy, rugged, amazing performance (eg: 20 mg on pouches). Amazing MD-CW COMBO! Capsule Checkweighers. X-ray Bone best detection, product in seal, pipeline, etc.
ASTRRA Automatic Line Changeover Adjust. Affordable, simple, robust, wireless technology, no air! Linear rails & Rotary machine cranks. 0.2 mm repeatable. Patented & superb- the best!
DIR InfraRed Heat Seal inspection online. EatSafe Large Tub Safety seals from Flat Roll Film.
Campbell Campbell – 65+ yrs US Built leader in Flow Wrappers and Infeeds. Hand load to 1200 ppm systems. Unique infeeds, washdown, pharma hermetic, LOCAL tech. 
crosio-assoc Crosio Associates – Food Bar & Confectionary Specialty Processing & Packaging. Structured molding, jellies, dosing, cut & wrap,  aerated, depositing, extrusion, rolling, etc. Machines to full integrations.
Douglas MachineCasers, Tray/Shrink, Cartoners, Sleevers, Robots from North America’s premier leader! All Servo, from tiny Invex to 120+ cpm systems designed for 3 shift! 3 yr warranty, LOCAL service, washdown, UL! Better looking & more product than anybody, longer!  
Dorner – Conveyors- washdown, modular low profile, flat belt & cleated, V-belt, quick release, 3/10 day delivery, 10 yr warranty!
Fill-Tech – Cup Systems, rotary to high speed multi lane. US built, servo, dairy designs  
Hamer – Bulk Bag systems, auto bag hangers, form fill seal, scales, robot palletizers, lines. More accurate & dependable, faster & less expensive! 10-100 lb bags.
 Flexible Pouching specialists. LOCAL Service!!
EffytecHoriz Form-Fill-Seal Pouchers. Doypacks. Smaller, Faster, Lower Maint, Better Value. Unique designs prevent leakers! Modular, change from premade-FFS-zip-top-corner spouts!
Super clean servo stick pack systems, 2-15 lane, individual servo augers, integrated lines.JunaPack– Premade Pouch fill-seal system. Next generation advanced features, great price.
PallayPackMonoblocks 20-300/m. Electronic Tablet counter, aseptic vials, syringes, unscrambler. Monoblocks. Rotary Cappers. Shaped liquid blisters. Caustic fillers. Specials. Omag Stick Packs. Bundlers.
Plan Automation – BANDALL  Stretch Banders. High graphics with tamper evidence! Compact, no tunnel, simple, low cost, flexible “green” solution!
END OF LINE Palletizers– full range of industry leading High & Low Level and Robotic. Entry Level to High Speeds. Stretchwrappers – simple floor models to unique film saving high speed RING wrappers! Solutions for end of line case & pallet handling systems. Including conveyors, elevators, spiral conveyors, sortation & transfer car systems.  Conveyor systems.  
  Beverage Labelers, Fillers and Lines. Blowmold caps & Bottles, Blow-Fill-Cap, Label, sleeve from flat stock, vision inspect, integrated lines. Aseptic/ESL Yogurt cup Form-Fill-Seal.  
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Package inspection for Leakers, Fill Level, labels, caps, bands, cases, etc. X-ray, Vision, inspection, Vacuum, LN2 dosing & Pressure. Patented leak inspection leader- NO CONTACT, using LASER! Proven, popular vision that works great! YouTube
 scott-turbon Scott Turbon Mixer- lab to full plant liquid blending. High Shear, turbo, vacuum, etc. SoCal Factory!
UBS – Case, Shrink and Pallet Print & Apply Labelers and High Resolution Coders. No solvents, no wax, barcode & logo printing. Much lower cost of ownership, lower maintenance, superior resolution. ERP, data ready, wireless networking.