Industries We Serve- What we do.

  Package Devices provides top quality filling, packaging & inspection solutions for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical (and related) industries. We help manufacturers understand and sort through the wide range of machinery technologies available, then implement solutions to provide strategic advantages necessary to grow in today’s competitive environment. PD provides ongoing support ensuring smooth installation and start up, with after sales service from local experienced technicians. 

  We support at no cost to you, and are the least expensive way for machinery manufacturers to establish a trained, professional network across the area. With us, you are working DIRECTLY with the equipment manufacturers for their best pricing and support. A stable resource since 1970, immersed in this field for decades and visiting most factories around, we know what works, who is good and offer unique insights to up & coming, quality companies and technologies beyond basic trade advertisements.

We typically represent top world leaders in any given category from start to finish of a production line. This allows Package Devices to offer a full range of targeted applications, with strong value and support. Our lines tend to be a bit more cutting edge and better value than you’ll find elsewhere, often with unique technical innovations. The details make a difference and we hope we can provide helpful ideas you may not otherwise consider!


Hot Fill, Water, Dairy, Juice, Carbonated, ESL, Aseptic, Beer, Wine, Liquor, no-leak POUCH lines with caps!

Integrated lines – depalletize/unscramble, clean, fill to 1200 bpm, cap, label, shink sleeve, leak-level-contaminant inspect, tray/shrink/case, palletize to 160 cases/min, stretchwrap to 120 pallets/hr. Liquid Nitrogen dose to extend shelf life and provide bottle structure. Blow-Fill-Cap Monoblocks and lines for water, juice, dairy, chemicals, etc.

Foods, Chemicals, etc.

Liquid Filling – benchtop to 12 head inline gearpumps, integrated rotary Monoblocks. Pistons.

Powder & Solids Filling – Auger, net weight Vibratory scale or volumetric cup. VERY strong in powder bottling line and pouch applications! Bulk Bag systems to 100 lb.

Lines for Pizza, Sandwiches, Lasagnas, Trays, Entrees, Vacuum, Meats, etc..

Flexible Pouches – Unique Stand Up Doypack Pouches that don’t leak, High speed Vertical baggers to 400 bpm, Horizontal Wrappers, Vacuum Pack, Stick Packs, Bulk

Packaging –  Tray Systems, Price/Weight Labelers,Cartoners, Casers, Palletizers, Stretch Wrappers. Liquid Nitrogen dose to extend shelf life and provide bottle structure.

Conveyance – ultra clean USDA conveyors, accumulation and end of line case & pallet handling.

Vacuum Packaging, Coders, Stretch Blow Mold PET, Hygienic Robot Packers

Meat & Dairy Hygienic Preparation, Processing, Cooking and Packaging Systems – full lines from unique Defrost, Grind, Fat/Lean control, Marination, Slicing, Ovens, Fryers, Washdown baggers and much more!


Liquid Filling– benchtop to 12 head inline gearpumps, integrated Fill-Plug-Cap compact Monoblocks, high speed mass flow. Injectibles

Tablet/Capsule Counting– benchtop to 180 bpm counters (group for higher speeds). Highest speed+ value on the market, from cGMP European leader!

Integrated lines – unscramble, desiccant, fill, cotton, metal detect, x-ray, cap, induction seal, label, sleeve, shrink bundle,  case form-pack-seal. LN2 dosing.

Specialties – Syringe, Thermoform, Inhalants, unique Alu cold-form, Transdermals, Pouching, Cartoning, Tubers, Assembly, IV, vials, blow-fill, Lyo etc.

Vacuum Packaging, Coders, Stretch Blow Mold PET, Stick Packs, Pouchers,

Inspection Technologies

Vision for labels, bottle imperfections, component counting, fill level, caps, injectible vial contaminants, RSS, bright stock, e-pedigree, 21 CFR 11, etc..

Metal Detection, Checkweigher Weight Inspection to .010 gm, X-ray inspection for Metal/Glass/Stones/PVC/Bone

Compression Inspection for leak, low LN2 dosing, etc…X-ray inspection for fill level.